Sephora was originally a simple chain of stores selling other people’s cosmetics and perfumes. But with her experience and her knowledge of the needs of women,beautirum Sephora in recent years she has decided to develop her own range of make-up and skincare. She turns to what are called essentials, that is to say, the products that are found in each makeup bag and that are used every day. Without forgetting the quality, she also seeks to make these products always more affordable in order to ensure that feeling beautiful never becomes a luxury!

Our opinion: Sephora make-up has no trouble competing with the big brands: you can feel that the brand has the will to please the women who frequent its stores every day! But what we especially appreciate with this brand are its seasonal collections which are renewed regularly. So there are always new colours in perfect harmony with the weather of the day or our mood! And finally to convince us, the brand creates in addition to pretty little boxes that can be perfect as gifts … for yourself or for others!

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