Moroccanoil Treatment Light – Best argan oil

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Moroccanoil is a pioneer in the field of beauty products based on argan oil. Moroccanoil’s care and styling products are both enriched with precious argan oil. Due to the high content of argan oil in styling products, these are also leave-in treatments. The brand recognized very early on the intensive nourishing effect of this precious oil.


  • nourishes, repairs, and cares for hair
  • very easy to apply
  • contains natural and precious ingredients
  • available in travel size
  • has a pleasant scent

Moroccanoil Treatment Original Hair Oil

Moroccanoil Treatment is a universal treatment for all hair types. It nourishes and facilitates styling. It is considered to be the best argan oil and is ranked as the best repair and care product – it excellently rebuilds the structure of the hair.

Oils and other ingredients

Moroccan oil is the main component of Moroccanoil Treatment Original. Unfortunately, except for argan oil (perfect for hair with high porosity), it also contains two silicones. Fortunately, they are easy to rinse off with regular shampoo. Moroccanoil Treatment Hair Oil has also been enriched with linseed extract which promotes hair nutrition.

There are only two natural substances in Moroccanoil Treatment Original for almost ten other additives, including benzyl benzoate – a fragrance component that is potentially allergenic. We could hope for a much richer and more natural formula from such a prestigious and luxurious hair oil.

Repair of damaged hair

Argan oil, called liquid gold from Morocco, is the source of all the properties of Moroccanoil Treatment Light. It is an oil for hair with high porosity. It has large particles that fit perfectly between the raised cuticles and seal the structure of the hair. The oil regenerates, strengthens and nourishes your hair from the inside in addition to slowing down the aging process. If you use Moroccanoil Treatment Light, you will keep your locks in good shape.

Moroccanoil Treatment Light Hair Oil makes your hair soft, smooth, resistant and shiny. Detangling and styling are easier, and drying takes less time. The oil can stimulate hair growth. However, it is more likely that potential allergens will irritate the scalp and neutralize the beneficial action of argan oil.

Application Tips

Moroccanoil Treatment Light is not recommended for the treatment of the scalp. The application is simpler thanks to the pump attached to the glass bottle with a straight cap. However, changing the caps can be annoying. Moroccanoil oil should be applied to clean, towel-dried hair or to dry locks to obtain softness. The oil can be mixed with other products, for example, conditioners or shampoos to enrich them with the properties of argan oil.

Additional Information

The price of Moroccanoil Treatment is quite high. You have to pay enough too much, even if we consider natural argan oil expensive. The characteristic, heavy, dark glass bottle doesn’t look impressive or elegant – it’s just nice. Perfume is the most captivating element of the product, but it makes no sense to pay dearly enough for the pleasant smell only.

The healing properties of Moroccanoil products

Argan oil is an extremely precious oil extracted from argan nuts. It has been known for centuries for its healing properties. The oil is considered a source of beauty, it is versatile, intensely hydrates the skin and hair, and is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Thanks to essential fatty acids and vitamin E, argan oil revitalizes the skin and restores shine and suppleness. The oil protects against harmful UV rays and binds free radicals. Argan oil provides the hair with valuable nutrients with each application. In addition, the best argan oil is known to reduce wrinkles.

The iconic fragrance of Moroccanoil

Moroccanoil products have an incomparable iconic fragrance, very exotic, composed of a mixture of musk, the sweetness of flowers and spicy ambergris. Moroccanoil hair products are enriched exclusively with the highest quality argan oil from Morocco and contain no additives or dyes.

Moroccanoil treatment light is one of the first cosmetic brands to recognize the incredible virtues of argan oil. It offers hair oils, but also styling and nourishing products with argan oil or even hair accessories.

Carmen Tal, the co-founder of the brand Moroccanoil, discovered the impressive effect of argan oil during a trip to Israel. After her hair was damaged after improper color treatment, it was treated with oil. Immediately, they regained their vital, healthy and shiny appearance. From then on, its mission was to make all the repairing properties of the oil better known, through a world-famous brand. Stylists from around the world are betting today on the therapeutic and nourishing effect of argan oil. Moroccanoil has become a global brand with complete beauty products for hair, skin, and nails, the main essence of which is precious oil from the Mediterranean.

Hair type: all

Problem: poor condition of hair and scalp

Solution: Moroccanoil Treatment Original

Moroccanoil Treatment Original hair oil is a remedy for damaged, dull and fine hair. Your hairstyle will be healthy again, your strands will gain shine while the hair bulbs will be stronger. The product reduces hair loss, stimulates its growth, hydrates, and nourishes. The oil contains antioxidants that fight against free radicals, thus neutralize the premature appearance of gray hair and protect against harmful substances. Moroccanoil Treatment Original hair oil relieves curly hair, detangles and facilitates styling.

How to use Moroccanoil Treatment Original?  

Apply one or two pumps to clean, damp hair, starting at their mid-length. Dry in cold air or allow to air dry. Apply a few drops of the product to the dry strands for a smooth and shiny hairstyle. You can also add oil to your favorite mask or conditioner. Moroccanoil Treatment Original is also effective for a repair and nutrition treatment at night or as a styling product.

What does Moroccanoil Treatment Original contain? 

Argan oil, rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, is the major ingredient. These substances give the hair a good condition and a nice look. Smooth argan oil, gives radiance and nourishes. It also includes omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids which are beneficial for hair bulbs and scalp.

Useful information: Moroccanoil Treatment has a yellow color and a delicate but pleasant fragrance. The consistency is quite light; does not stick or leave a greasy layer on the surface. You can choose between different capacities: 10 ml, 25 ml, 50 ml, and 125 ml.

Fun fact: What do goats and argan oil have in common? Argan fruits are the delicacy of the goat. When the fruits grow, the shepherds protect the trees from these animals so that the argan oil can be extracted and used for the care of the hair and scalp.


  • improves hair condition
  • contains argan oil which includes vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids
  • application is easier thanks to the pump
  • large capacity bottles
  • don’t overload
  • nourishes, hydrates, repairs and gives radiance


What are the qualities of moroccanoil treatment light?

Thanks to MoroccanOil Treatment, your hair will always be soft, smooth, shiny and healthy. The oil takes care of hair and ends. It helps to style your hair and improve its condition. It contains antioxidant substances, facilitates detangling, accelerates drying and prevents damage. It is an ideal pre-styling and skincare product. It will repair split ends and fix your hairstyle in no time.

How to use moroccanoil?

MoroccanOil Treatment has a semi-liquid consistency, which allows rapid absorption. In addition, it is easy to apply. Remember to place the pump in the bottle before the first application. However, if you prefer to use a larger amount of oil, you will not need to use the pump. Use the oil as desired. How to do


Argan oil is the most important ingredient in MoroccanOil Treatment. It is known to be a very good regenerating and nourishing substance. Argan oil is full of essential unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, natural antioxidants and squalene. The oil owes its ability to make hair shiny and smooth to the linseed oil which is also contained in the product. Flaxseed oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 acids which are beneficial for the whole body. Besides argan and linseed oil, MoroccanOil Treatment contains silicones, perfumes, and dyes.

? Apply one or two pumps and rub between your palms. Then rub the oil into clean, damp hair and then dry it or allow it to air dry. Apply MoroccanOil Treatment just after the shower if you want to smooth your strands and regenerate the tips. It is a good idea to mix a few drops of oil with your favorite hair mask.[/sc_fs_faq]

How long does it last?

MoroccanOil Treatment is available in two versions: 100ml and 25ml. The first can be used daily while the small bottle will be useful for travel and vacation. The 100 ml bottle holds several months of treatment.

Does it offer a pleasant scent?

You can smell the aroma of Argan nuts – the tree from which one of the most precious beauty liquids is extracted. It is a very pleasant and intense fragrance. This is what argan oil looks like. If you are ready to cover your hair with an exotic aroma, try MoroccanOil Treatment.

Where to buy it?

Order the product on our website or buy it from online beauty shops. Unfortunately, it is not very available in pharmacies. Chicken teeth are as rare as hair oils.

How much will you pay it?

If you thought you would pay little money for argan oil, you were wrong. The price of a large bottle is quite high. Unsurprisingly, the small bottle is much cheaper. Interestingly, the manufacturer offers a set of cosmetics: two oils and a scented candle.

9.5Expert Score
Moroccanoil is a pioneer in the field of beauty products based on argan oil. Moroccanoil's care and styling products are both enriched with precious argan oil. Due to the high content of argan oil in styling products, these are also leave-in treatments. The brand recognized very early on the intensive nourishing effect of this precious oil.


  • nourishes, repairs, and cares for hair
  • very easy to apply
  • contains natural and precious ingredients
  • available in travel size
  • has a pleasant scent
Moroccanoil Treatment Original

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