KIPOZI – Hair Professional straightener Titanium Keratin Therapy

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Equipped with large titanium plates, this professional KIPOZI straightener with LCD screen distributes the heat evenly. Thus, the hair is left perfectly smooth, soft and shiny after use. Its ergonomic handle resistant to the hottest temperatures is particularly practical for a good grip. Likewise, its LCD digital display system makes it easy to use the professional KIPOZI straightening iron.

The professional straightener KIPOZI combines practicality and efficiency. It offers exceptionally smooth hair while protecting it from unwanted effects. Indeed, the titanium which composes its plates allows distributing the heat equitably on the whole of the hair. In this way, the hair is less attacked. Similarly, the KIPOZI straightening iron has an adjustable temperature. It is thus possible to adapt the latter to the state of his hair. Thanks to its new generation digital LCD display, everything becomes possible with just a few clicks! Sold with its carrying pouch, this device is easy to carry with you. Its ergonomic and heat-resistant handle allows for the most pleasant use. There is nothing to say,

What users think

According to users, the KIPOZI straightener titanium flat iron is suitable for all hair types. Indeed, the latter adapts very well to different profiles thanks to its adjustable temperature. Many mention that it offers an optimal and above all fast result. Ideal for straightening your hair in the morning when you are in a hurry, it heats up in no time and acts on the hair in a single gesture! Some even find that it heats up a little too quickly for their taste; watch out for burns. The vast majority of Internet users remain fully satisfied with this ultra-modern device!

Discover the KIPOZI Hair Straightener Professional straightening iron Titanium Keratin Therapy 230 degrees anti-frizz with LCD screen and multi-voltage function, Gold by consulting this global evaluation. Whether it is a question of knowing more about the properties, to consult user reviews or compare this device with comparable products, this guide indicates everything you need to know before buying it.

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You may not have really heard of KIPOZI so far, which is legitimate considering that the production of this company has been specifically confined to this type of model.

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The volume of consumer reviews for this model on Amazon is currently at 122. The opinions of other consumers on the model can really be beneficial to the initiative to acquire it or not, and that is why it would be wise to discover them. With this approach, you can really establish if you will be able to meet your expectations by choosing to buy this straighter.


By browsing the consumer scores, you will be able to determine if the purchase of straighter equipment could offer satisfaction to other users. This score will mainly indicate if the product meets the expectations of the customers.

Regarding the KIPOZI Hair Straightener consumers have given a rating of 4.6 / 5. This device has a very good score of hair straightening, which is enough to build confidence in your purchase. This best flat iron for damaged hair to having succeeded in meeting consumer requirements and should not show any quality defect.

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How To Choose A Straightening Iron?

Plate Size At each length its straightener! Thin, medium or wide, the plates should be chosen according to the type of hair: Thin plates: They are especially suitable for short hair. Mini straighteners are also very practical for going on trips. Medium plates: Their 3 cm wide and 9 cm long are ideal for medium length hair. Large and XXL plates: Irons with large plates are preferred for longer hair.

What Best Material of hair straightener?

Ceramic plates: Very widespread, ceramic is also inexpensive, there are effective irons even at low temperatures, providing shine and softness. This material is intended for “classic” hair that is neither too curly, nor too thick, or even fine, for everyday use. However, be careful to choose entirely ceramic plates and not just coated, for better heat distribution, without the frizz. Tourmaline plates: Semi-precious material, tourmaline produces a strong heat that smoothes the hair more quickly and durably. In a single pass, they are stiffened without becoming dry. Mixed with ceramic, the material is suitable for all hair, even fragile or colored. The only tourmaline is preferred for long, thick, curly hair. Metal plates (titanium or aluminum): More expensive, they offer a lasting smoothing. Be careful, however, with colored or fragile hair, which is too sensitive for this type of plaque.

Best Power And Heating Time of straighteners?

Iron rising to 140 ° C: Between 80 ° C and 140 ° C, very damaged hair will be smoothed without damage. Iron rising to 170 ° C: Irons ranging from 140 ° C to 170 ° C is to be reserved for fine hair. Iron rising to 190 ° C: From 170 ° C to 190 ° C, they are ideal for “classic” hair, neither too thick nor too wavy. Iron rising to 210 ° C: Wavy hair will appreciate irons ranging from 190 ° C to 210 ° C, for optimal smoothing. Iron rising to 235 ° C: The heating plates from 190 ° C to 235 ° C are suitable for thick hair, harder to straighten. Some irons have a temperature adjustment button, which is practical for general-purpose or family use. Note that the time it takes iron to heat depends on the model. The ideal for those in a hurry is to take a straightener capable of reaching its maximum in 30 seconds.

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Equipped with large titanium plates, this professional KIPOZI straightener with LCD screen distributes the heat evenly. Thus, the hair is left perfectly smooth, soft and shiny after use. Its ergonomic handle resistant to the hottest temperatures is particularly practical for a good grip. Likewise, its LCD digital display system makes it easy to use the professional KIPOZI straightening iron.
KIPOZI Hair Straightener

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