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At first, and this is what mainly explains the success of this type of equipment, the acupressure mat offers many advantages as far as the body is concerned. As we have already been able to tell you about previously, by using massage mat, you will be able to fight or relieve many physical ailments such as a herniated disc, low back pain, arthritis or even sciatica for example. Thanks to their thousands of points, flower field carpets act directly on the back muscles and vertebrae to relieve and eliminate any joint or nerve pain you may be suffering from.

Acupressure mat

Can also bear the name of the field of flower carpet, the acupressure near me is equipment dedicated to your well-being and your health which you will soon imagine you can not do without. By making the choice to equip it, you will have in your possession a massage device capable of soothing your back pain or your muscle contractures for example, and which, in addition to offering you a feeling of well-being, will optimize your blood circulation, allowing you to stay in top shape in the most pleasant way possible.

But if the flower carpet is able to calm your back pain or headache, it also offers anti-stress properties that allow you to relax, which will be due to the production of endorphins carried out by your body. Indeed, such a Best acupressure mat is extremely beneficial for both the body and the mind, especially since its use is not subject to any contraindications. To enjoy it, you just have to lie on it and enjoy your moment of relaxation, no more no less. In this buying guide on the acupressure mat, we are going to share with you all our advice so that you can find the best flower field mat for you.

What makes this model so interesting is the fact that it is equipped with 221 patented stimulators which each contain 25 petals in order to offer you perfect nerve stimulation. Indeed, the acupressure mat will act on more than 5000 points of the back for optimal relief and for an effective reduction of your different points of tension. Clearly, at the slightest nervous or lumbar pain, or simply to please yourself, using this acupressure mat will now be your first reflex.

The benefits of the acupressure mat on the body

As soon as you feel that a part of your body is painful such as a stuck shoulder blade or a nerve is potentially blocked, for example, do not hesitate to use your acupressure mat so that it relieves you of an ailment which, if not treated quickly, could worsen. In addition, for the action of your new equipment to be optimal, we recommend that you do some stretching after your session to allow your body to regain a natural posture that will prevent the appearance of new ailments.

The benefits of the flower field rug on the mind

In addition to its advantages on the body, the acupressure mat will offer you total well-being during each use. But what differentiates it from other dedicated equipment such as a modern massage chair, for example, is the fact that its benefits are felt at the time, but that they are also durable. Indeed, each stimulator will have the effect of triggering the secretion of endorphin, a hormone of happiness thanks to which you will feel more in tune with yourself and which will allow you at the same time to see each aspect of your life much more positively.

What is also important to note about the flower field rug is the fact that it can be used by all types of people. Whether or not you experience physical pain, in any case, this wellness equipment can be used to get in shape in the morning or to relax after a long day of work for example, and this by each member of your family. To conclude, it is obvious that after using your acupressure mat with acupressure pillow for the first time, you will wonder how you could have done without it for so long as its benefits are numerous.

The general quality of the acupressure mat

If the acupressure mat is one of these products although being considered as natural remedies for self-healing in its own right, this is explained by the fact that it is versatile and easy to use, while being extremely effective. But for that, you will need to make sure you choose the best quality flower field rug. Concretely, favor models designed from resistant and non-toxic materials such as ABS plastic, ecological fibers or even eco-plastic for example. In addition, if possible, choose an acupressure mat free of any potentially toxic glue.

Reviews on the field of flowers carpet

Finally, before buying your acupressure mat, take a few moments to study customer reviews on the field of flower carpet that interests you. You will learn a lot of information there such as the ergonomics of the equipment, its effectiveness in relieving arthritis, degenerative diseases or spinal problems for example. With all this valuable information in your possession, you will be sure to choose the best acupressure mat with acupressure pillow according to you.

How to choose your acupressure mat?

You can imagine, as could be the case for a massage cushion, for a well-being box or for foot reflexology equipment, choosing the right acupressure mat is something that must be done with the utmost rigor. All models are actually not identical to each other, which therefore means that you will need to be particularly vigilant during your search. This is why we wanted to list all the criteria for choosing a flower field carpet below, which will allow you to know how to do it, and therefore, have an unforgettable shopping experience.

The ideal dimensions of an acupressure mat?

First of all, for the anti-stress properties of your next flower field rug to be perfect and so that you can relieve back pain effectively, it is important that your equipment displays dimensions adapted to your body. Very often, acupressure mats offer more or less close dimensions. However, your needs may be different. If your body size is a little higher than the average and you are looking for natural solutions to reduce your menstrual pain or to relax your sciatic nerve, then it will be necessary for you to choose a carpet field of flower which allows you to treat the entirety of your body, going from the upper back to the lumbar belt.

What is an acupressure mat?

In appearance, an acupressure mat looks like a classic massage mat, with a few differences. The field of flower carpet is based on the principle of acupuncture and shiatsu, which allows it to be considered as a reflexology device that will act directly on several very precise nerve points. Each spike, taking the shape of a rigid lotus flower, will mainly stimulate the dorsal part of your body to improve your vital energy and reduce your possible back pain or migraine, to name just a few.

Usable in a lying or sitting position, the acupressure mat, because it is massaging, will be able to make you feel immediate relief from the various ailments you may suffer, whether these are severe or mild. In addition, some models have a heating pad that will further improve the efficiency of the device. The field of flowers carpet can be rolled up and can be used both on the floor and on a chair or sofa, for example. Clearly, at the slightest stiffness in the neck or spine, in case of muscle pain or if you suffer from insomnia, the use of such a device will help you release muscle tension and feel much more in tune with yourself.

How does the flower field rug work?

The operation of an acupressure mat is particularly effective and simple at the same time. Such equipment is inspired by traditional Chinese medicine since it is based on several acupuncture points that will be stimulated in order to relieve lower back pain, back problems as a whole, but not only. Indeed, if the field of flower carpet has beneficial effects on many parts of the body, it will also have on your well-being. During use, a secretion of hormones, called endorphins, will occur from the first minutes of the first session. This same hormone is known to be more commonly called the happiness hormone. These benefits are due to the slight tingling that you will feel all over your back. Of course, you will not feel any pain or discomfort when using the acupressure mat. These tingles, in addition to having a relaxing action, will allow you to feel a real relaxation as well as a relaxation of any tensions in your nervous system, exactly as if you were enjoying a back massage at the physiotherapist. Thus, your back or neck pain will disappear visibly, allowing you to really relieve yourself of everything that weighs you down on a daily basis

What are the advantages of an acupressure mat?

The field of flowers carpet is an equipment that offers many benefits to its users, and this is mainly why it is used today by both individuals and health professionals. Thanks to him, you will actually be able to fight many common ailments very easily, without needing to resort to medication. So that you know exactly what the advantages of an acupressure mat are, we wanted to list them below.

How to properly use your field of flowers carpet?

If you have never had the opportunity to use a flower field rug before, you need not worry because there is no doubt that you will be able to make the most of your relaxation session. But first of all, so that you can get the best positive effects from your relaxation massage, we also advise you to equip yourself with a light therapy device, like a classic light therapy lamp and install one or more light diffusers. essential oils at home, to create an atmosphere conducive to calm and relaxation. Do not hesitate to immerse yourself in conditions that are exceptionally pleasing to you in order to better experience your first use of the acupressure mat. Then choose the ideal time to make your first massage therapy trial. Place your flower field mat flat, ideally on a flat surface, and sit on it. At first, you may feel like you are in an uncomfortable position due to the slightly spicy effect of the petals. But very quickly, by letting yourself go, you will feel a weak effect of falling asleep due to the well-being that you will feel. You will then find that you feel perfectly calm and less stressed, in an atmosphere of positive thinking, and that what was painful for you do less harm and this only a few minutes after the start of your session. It is precisely this formidable efficiency which explains why the acupressure mat is essential in the eyes of Chinese medicine, just like Shiatsu massage.


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At first, and this is what mainly explains the success of this type of equipment, the acupressure mat offers many advantages as far as the body is concerned. As we have already been able to tell you about previously, by using massage mat, you will be able to fight or relieve many physical ailments such as a herniated disc, low back pain, arthritis or even sciatica for example. Thanks to their thousands of points, flower field carpets act directly on the back muscles and vertebrae to relieve and eliminate any joint or nerve pain you may be suffering from.
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