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Best foot massager is very important, for our feet heat and pressure, but not only. It can be beneficial to the whole body. The arch of the foot is a real map of our body. Foot massage is a practice that comes to us from China and Chinese medicine.

We often do not take enough care of our feet. We do not take the time to massage them, to pamper them or even to pass the cream… Yet they are the ones who support us all day long! We must take care of it if we want to be serene during the day. Indeed, they carry us (with all our weight), support us short without them, we would not do much. So we change our bad habits and start taking care of our feet(if it is not already the case!). Do not wait until you have the pain to act! So we start exfoliation, we hydrate our feet with creams designed for and… we massage them !!! You have several best foot massager solutions, with your hands, with wooden devices or with electric massage devices like the target foot Massager.

We do not necessarily guess by its name but the company is Chinese, based in Shenzen and develops several ranges of products for well-being, for the home but also for baby care among others. The brand makes its customers its priority and wants to guarantee maximum well-being for all. Its products are developed and manufactured with the aim of improving the daily life of all.


Best foot massager is very important, for our feet, but not only. It can be beneficial to the whole body. The arch of the foot is a real map of our body. Massaging it can bring obvious well-being. Foot massage is a practice that comes to us from China and Chinese medicine.

Massage stimulates:

Foot massage is a stimulant because they have a very large amount of nerve endings. All of these nerve endings are connected to different parts of the body. This means that depending on the foot massage, you can influence the well-being of another part of the body.

  • Foot massage, therefore, allows, among other things, to improve blood circulation (and improves lymphatic drainage ) by applying prolonged and repeated pressure on several specific areas of the arch of the foot.
  • Foot massage, therefore, helps to combat the “heavy legs” effect. “

Foot massage rebalances:

As the arch of the foot contains many acupuncture points if one exerts continuous and relatively sustained pressure on these points, massage acts on the energy of the body.

– As a result, it can restore a certain emotional balance or physiological well-being.

The foot massage is relaxing:

  • It helps to fight against stress which can accumulate in a day or even evacuate it completely. It thus offers a very deep nervous relaxation best foot massager.


Marnur foot massager technique from Japanese medicine. The term breaks down into two parts: shi which means finger and best foot massager which means pressure. Shiatsu, therefore, consists in exerting pressure using the fingers and particularly using the thumbs. It is a very effective medicine for relieving body pain and ensuring good blood circulation. The massage device will thus simulate the pressures carried out by a massager.

The Shiatsu Marnur is a massager foot revolutionary! You just have to put your feet in the notches for this purpose, and voila! Heating massage, rolling and kneading massage. In short, a great opportunity to have your feet massaged effortlessly and everywhere! The shiatsu is relatively small which is very practical for massaging your feet at the heat and pressure! No waste of time, a feeling of well-being at stake, the shiatsu massage device has more than one trick up its sleeve!

Marnur Overview



The Marnur foot massager device works electrically. It is equipped with air cushions to put pressure on the feet (acupressure) and thereby activate blood circulation. Marnur Shiatsu is a platform made up of balls that will come into direct contact with your feet. This platform is not visible since it is covered by the removable foot sleeves.

This masseur aims to imitate shiatsu massage based on plantar reflexology. This means that it will massage your feet in order to bring you physical well-being as well as physiological and psychological.

Your skin, muscles, and tissues will be stimulated by the rotation of a series of balls. You will directly feel a feeling of relaxation and a decrease in your stress.

  • The movement of the balls allows the soles of the feet to be massaged.
  • Airbags that inflate and then deflate will play a role in your blood circulation
  • The 45 ° heat allows the feet and body to relax

You then choose the intensity and duration of the massage. You can also choose the desired mode (kneading, relaxing balls or heating massage).


You will find on the Shiatsu 4 buttons :

  • the on / off button
  • the intensity adjustment button
  • mode setting button
  • the button to activate the heat and pressure function


 3 adjustable intensities (low: white LED light, medium: green LED light, strong: red LED light)
 3 modes: combinations of rolling massage and different air pressure
 Heating massage function from 40 to 45 °, the LED of the red pass mode
 Air pressure by cushions
 Rolling massage balls
 Designed for feet size up to 44 EU size
 Automatic shutdown after 15 minutes
Protection against overheating of the device
PTC protection
 Size: L 418, W 359, H 230


  • an adapter
  • shiatsu (foot massage device)
  • a notice

Who can use this type of device?

For both men and women of all ages, be sure to seek advice from your doctor if you have a medical condition.

Are the real effects of Shiatsu Marnur massager feet?

We clearly feel the difference on the heavy legs effects. Massage allows you to really relax and unwind after a day of physical but also psychological stress. Arch pains gradually disappear.

How long can you use the device?

A session is relatively short, 15 consecutive minutes.

Is the Marnur foot massager dangerous?

No, it provides a foot massage and is provided with several protections: the massage temperature does not exceed 45 °, the device is equipped with an automatic stop after 15 minutes (timer) and has protection against overheating and PTC protection for safe use.

What is the average price of this type of device?

There are many brands and just as many prices for these kinds of devices. Overall prices range from around fifty euros to over 400 euros depending on the model, brand, and technologies used. The average price of this type of massage device is around 100 euros.

Is it a medical device?

No, it is not part of medical devices in the legal sense of the term. However, it has positive effects on general well-being.

I am wearing size 46, is it compatible?

No, the device is designed for feet size up to 44 (European size)

Can we clean the place where we set foot?

Yes, the slippers for feet are removable and can therefore be cleaned by hand with a little Marseille soap.

Should it be connected to the mains?

Yes, the device works on mains.

Is the Marnur foot massager device noisy?

The device is not completely silent, but neither does it make too much noise.





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Best foot massager is very important, for our feet heat and pressure, but not only. It can be beneficial to the whole body. The arch of the foot is a real map of our body. Foot massage is a practice that comes to us from China and Chinese medicine.
Best Shiatsu Massager - Marnur foot massager

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