Whatever the age or skin colour, MAC is a make-up brand that celebrates individuality above all! Created by photo and beauty professionals, it first seduced makeup artists before quickly reaching individuals. Beautirum MACIt must be said that to remain a global benchmark, the brand does not hesitate to collaborate with talents from fashion, art and popular culture to constantly offer new products. In addition to artistic expertise, MAC makeup can, therefore, take pride in staying close to its audience and knowing exactly what they want!

Our opinion: With MAC, we are clearly on a make-up brand that is both young and fresh! By using social media personalities, for example, to create collections, the goal is to reach the new generation. But in the end, no matter what our age, we can all benefit from the cosmetics created since they are generally of good quality and they cover essential needs. And in addition, who says young audience says attractive prices, and it is for this detail also that we can appreciate this brand!

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