Estee Lauder Beautiful

Estée Lauder is currently one of the main brands of beauty and skincare products in the world, present in the field of make-up, of course, but also skin care, hair and also perfumes. new picFounded in the 1940s by estee lauder beautiful accompanied by her husband, the brand benefited from its early years from the visionary ideas of its creator who wanted to prove to all women that they had the power to be beautiful! And even today, by combining research, technologies and innovations, the brand knows how to stay at the forefront to offer only excellent products!

Our opinion: Whether for the complexion, the eyes or the mouth, Estée Lauder makeup is always of high quality! It is a brand that we especially appreciate for its foundations, capable of giving a healthy glow, hiding all the small imperfections of the skin and cleverly concealing dark circles, for example. Among all the make-up brands, it is obviously one of the most luxurious and the price of the products is sometimes felt, but they are honestly very good beauty products and we never regret having bought them!

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