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What is the best electric facial epilator?

The face is the most important part of the body in the eyes of all women. There is nothing more annoying than having unwanted hair on part of the face. Women who want to get rid of eyebrows that grow too fast, the hairs above the upper lips as well as down or the very fine hairs on the cheeks. These hairs are bulky for female beauty, it is out of the question to leave the house without feeling good about yourself. Different hair removal methods exist and they are becoming more and more efficient with technological advances. Tired of using razors, waxing? Electric epilators specially designed for the face alleviate your concern to make your daily life easier.

Electric facial epilator: to combine efficiency and high precision

best electric facial epilator

It has been designed to pluck hairs precisely and comfortably while massaging your face. You can then freely wax at home at your leisure with the slightest pain if there is any. Whether for down or to remove hair that can grow on the chin or in other corners of your face, it will be your best ally for a simple, but quick solution while remaining effective. With a very practical design, this tool is easy to handle and you can take it wherever you want as long as an electrical connection is possible.

What makes it special with regard to other facial hair removal techniques

It is its efficiency which makes the strong point of this power tool for hair removal. It allows removing all the hairs in-depth, whatever the length or the thickness going from the shortest hairs to the finest which are not even visible. So, unlike waxing, which only works effectively on a certain length of hair, this technique allows you to cleanse your face completely. Also, hairs plucked with an electric epilator grow less quickly than razors or other techniques. If for the latter, it takes two to three days to see it already appear on the face, the regrowth time is much longer for this technique. Not only does it delay this regrowth time, but it also helps to refine the hairs that appear over time.

A large choice of models according to your preference

facial hair removal electric epilator

Electric epilators are available in several models on the market. You can then choose the model that suits you according to its design and functionality. You should know that there are different types of electric epilators and those intended for the face are specially designed to adapt to the sensitivity of the latter. If the idea of ​​having one interests you, you could have it in a simpler, standard, or more sophisticated version.

You also have the choice between a few or a lot of tweezers to define the speed of its action on each pass on the skin. Indeed, the more tweezers, the faster the hairs will be removed. The level of pain also enters the criterion of choice for this tool which will be part of your must-have in your beauty routine. In addition, there are many options for wire epilators, cordless epilators, water-resistant ones, and those that are not. In short, everything depends on your preference and also on what meets your expectations for permanent use.

Presentation of the best facial epilators in 2020

With this notion of choice for more practical types and models, here are some products to give you an idea:

The Braun FaceSpa Pro 912: The best for the face!

electric facial epilator Braun FaceSpa Pro 912

For a three-in-one hair removal device, the Braun FaceSpa Pro 912 provides facial hair removal, cleansing, and firming of the skin for a facial treatment at home. First, in its functionalities, this model is very efficient in removing even the shortest hairs to the root while keeping a certain aspect of softness. Because of this, it avoids having regrowth faster for up to a few weeks. The qualities of its accessories allow you to take care of your face without regularly going to the beauty salon, but to do it by yourself according to your desires. The cleaning brush removes all the impurities absorbed by your skin, especially for sensitive skin, following dermatological tests. Using the right products, you can buy from Beautirum the micro pulsation head allows your skin to revitalize in order to keep its firmness and always have it in a rejuvenated version. With resistant ergonomics, it works with a rechargeable battery. 

The Braun FaceSpa 810

electric facial epilator Braun FaceSpa 810

It is a very efficient epilator for the face with a cleansing brush. This model works pulling out of the hairs in very precise and meticulous ways. It is very convenient for easy use. It is a wireless epilator that works with a battery with enduring autonomy depending on the intensity of its use. It has a double functionality for deep cleaning and comfort for a softer effect. With a rotating tip and more precise tweezers, it removes all hair without exception on all corners of the face effectively and in no time. Its use gives certain ease to the skin while retaining its refined appearance with or without exfoliation. It can accompany you for hair removal in the shower or anywhere you wear it given its size and shape. It is sold with an extra battery for longer use. Being currently the best seller on Amazon, it is both practical and affordable.

Braun Silk-épil 9 558

electric facial epilator Braun Silk-épil 9 558

Thanks to Wet & Dry and Micro-Grip technology, this epilator model offering an accessory for the face is the perfect ally for women who like to epilate during their bath or in the shower, quickly. Available with 5 different accessories, it gives you versatile use not only for the face but for each part of the body where the hairs to be removed appear. It includes the wet & dry electric epilator, a special facial epilator, an electric razor. It is powered by a battery with sufficient autonomy to hold a hair removal session even the slowest up to 40 min. This very innovative model is much more effective by removing all the hair in a single pass with a head increased by 40% in size. It works especially with precision on each surface and leaves room for regrowth only after a few weeks. Comes with a high-quality massage head, it allows massage use. The only concern is that it requires a little high budget for the purchase.

The Philips HP6365 / 03 Satin Touch

electric face epilator Philips HP6365-03 SatinTouch

With its size and shape, this model of electric epilator is made for sensitive areas and difficult to reach for broadhead epilators including down and chin or also eyebrows if you know how to go about it. It is specially adapted for travel accessories, because it is easy to store and above all can accompany you anywhere and anytime. It is powered by two AA batteries with an autonomy of up to an hour depending on the frequency of its use. Its use is less painful, however, it very quickly cleanses the face by ridding it of all the hairs as minimal as they are. According to the opinions of users, it allows us to have a great hair removal session and sported softness. Its effectiveness leaves nothing lying on your face and gives a sharper look. The ideal is to reserve it only for the face, however, it can serve you well for the armpits or the private parts like the bikini line.

The Braun Silk-Epil 9 890 Sensormart

electric facial epilator Braun Silk-Epil 9 890 Sensormart

Being the first intelligent epilator in the world, the Braun Silk-Epil 9 9/890 Sensormart is the most sophisticated of electric epilators. With pressure capture technology, it guides you in your hair removal to clean any part of your face as well as your body that it still detects with hairs to be removed. Therefore, you can serenely depilate the well-being of your skin. Designed with Wet & Dry technology, this device is not afraid of water and it does not have a wire for easier use. With a multifunctional capacity, it comes with 7 different accessories for cleaning each body area starting from the smallest and most sensitive. Its ergonomics is constituted by a rechargeable battery with a very resistant autonomy.

The Braun Silk-épil 5 Power 580

electric facial epilator Braun Silk-épil 5 Power 580

An excellent technique to have a skin without a trace of pilosity, the Braun Silk-épil 5 Power 5580 is the adequate tool for a tender, pleasant and painless hair removal. With its massaging system, it gives your face a moment of combined care and relaxation. For a more efficient epilation in terms of time and also long-lasting, this tool has not yet disappointed its users until now. Very practical and very active in its functions, it is recommended to make the hairs disappear on the larger parts of the face and also for the body. It comes with three accessories including a cooling glove to combine well-being and comfort in your own facial treatment at home. It is certainly to be used dry, but it completely cleanses your face.

Maintain your electric epilator, an important ritual!

Since electric epilators are not used only once in life, but regularly, it needs maintenance. Whichever epilator model you choose, to maintain its resistance and the same performance for future uses, the maintenance of this tool should not be taken lightly. Otherwise, your epilator may malfunction over time and will no longer provide the same effects as before. On this, it should not be said that it is the model which is of poor quality, it is you who did not take the necessary precautions.

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