Cosmetic Product: everything you need to know

Nothing is more perfect than a sublime and radiant skin. Cosmetics have long been essential for taking care of the skin. Natural or not, there are several choices of cosmetic products as needed.

Cosmetic definition

Cosmetics are products intended for the care of the body and the face. Not only do they help beautify the face (lipsticks, make-up, foundations, eyeshadows, anti-aging, etc.), they are also essential for body hygiene (toothpaste, deodorant, shower gel, shampoo, ….). Cosmetic products are constantly evolving on the market to better meet our expectations. They are essential in the daily life of each individual.

cosmetic: All cosmetic products

There are several types of cosmetic products to beautify the skin. In general, they are classified into 4 categories:

Conventional or traditional cosmetics
These are cosmetics whose composition is often synthetic, plastic or petrochemical and sometimes a small part of natural origin.

Organic cosmetics

The organic cosmetics are developed based on cosmetics organic ingredients (between 10 and 100%) with no synthetic material, without petrochemicals, polymers. They are not harmful to health or the environment. They are guaranteed without parabens, BHT, endocrine disruptors. They are recognized by certified organizations. In addition, it must comply with a strict charter to have the organic label (Ecocert, Cosmebio, BDIH, etc.). To check if the ingredients are organic on the packaging.

Natural cosmetics

It does not contain any synthetic, plastic or petrochemical component but only ingredients of natural origin but not necessarily organic. It, therefore, poses no risk to health. Often based on honey and lavender, natural cosmetics are suitable for everyone, young or old, men or women …

Vegan cosmetic

It may not use animal material. Vegan cosmetics only contain mineral and vegetable matter. They are ideal for vegans.

Men’s cosmetics

Men are also entitled to beauty treatments just for themselves. Many brands today offer cosmetics specially dedicated to men’s skin: mousses, perfumes, styling products, aftershaves, deodorants, nothing is lacking to ensure daily beauty for men.

Note that a recent European Union law prohibits European cosmetic products from being tested on animals.

How to choose a top best cosmetic product?

To distinguish a natural cosmetic from a conventional cosmetic, it is recommended to read the INCI list (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients): the list of ingredients on cosmetic packaging. It is compulsory for European cosmetics and indicates exhaustively all the ingredients in descending order (from the most important to the least important ingredients).

Taking care of the skin, hair and body are essential to have a neat and pleasant appearance. Opting for the right cosmetic products guarantees a day full of charm and freshness. To properly choose your beauty products, it is best to check the mode of use in order to know the type of skin for which the product is intended. Otherwise, you can always opt for natural and organic cosmetics that are suitable for everyone.

They pose no risk to the skin and health, on the contrary, providing well-being and beauty.

Cosmetic products can be found in all bags today! It must be said that they are really essential to beautify themselves and have a face bursting with beauty. Organic or natural, cosmetics provide lasting benefits for the face and body.

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