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Make-up brand Clinique

Clinique is not a brand of makeup and cosmetics like the others: it is indeed the first to have been created by dermatologists, with the aim of offering a quality hypoallergenic alternative for all skin types.Beautirum Clinique Since the late 1960s, the brand has therefore chosen to only develop products designed to take care of the skin and actively tested against allergies (paraben, phthalate-free and even fragrance-free). Something to look good with simple and effective products, for a guaranteed result without irritation!

Our opinion: The make-up brand Clinique is intended above all for women whose skin is fragile and sensitive to allergies, and we can, therefore, understand that the particular development of its cosmetics entails a slightly higher cost than the average. But when you just want to be able to wear makeup while respecting your face, this is a solution that we totally accept. Especially since in addition, the brand really makes it possible to obtain a perfect complexion or to enhance our eyes or our lips!

The world’s first brand created by dermatologists, Clinique offers simple, effective and safe products for visible results on your skin. Clinique today meets the needs of all women, regardless of their age, skin tone and skin type. Formulas designed for maximum results without irritation. Without perfume. Subjected to 7200 allergy tests. World leader in hydration and foundation, it creates essential and always tailor-made treatments

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