Bobbi brown

Founded in 1991, Bobbi Brown is a make-up, face care and accessories brand that respects a very simple philosophy: succeed in feeling pretty, every day, and without effort! Thanks to natural shades and optimal textures,Beautirum Bobbi Brown whether for skin tone, eyes or lips, the brand seeks above all to bring out the natural beauty of women. Far from wanting to hide, the goal is to highlight each little detail that gives a unique character and thus create a bright makeup to always feel confident!

Our opinion: Bobbi Brown is not yet a well-known brand among us, but it deserves that we take an interest in it (even if, we admit, it would be even more appreciable with lower prices)! Its makeup range is indeed quite large, and it has the advantage of being able to match all skin tones. Our favourite is the creamy lipstick and cheek with beautiful pigments and which is perfectly versatile. The colours offered are more numerous, enough to easily enhance your makeup!


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